Is there a contract?
Our service has an industry standard 24 month agreement.

Is there a usage cap?
Our service plans have no preset data cap. All users are subject to the terms of service listed below.

Does this service provide low latency/delay ?
Yes,unlike cellular and satellite service,our service provides low latency similar to cable and dsl.

Congestion Management Policy/Terms Of Service:
Great Lakes High Speed(GLHS) monitors the network and employs various techniques to ensure a
positive customer experience and fair distribution of network resources.

Based on our experience, customers may encounter congestion, if at all, during the hours of peak usage -
between 8:00 pm and 11:00 pm local time. During peak hours, the majority of residential customers are
attempting to use the Internet simultaneously, giving rise to a greater potential for congestion.

When network congestion is identified,GLHS employs various techniques to ensure a positive customer
experience. Our network management techniques include ensuring that customer systems are not
propagating viruses or distributing spam email.  We also reinforce our network with additional network
capacity in areas where congestion is identified or as part of standard network engineering design plans.  
We also seek to ensure that our customers are not excessively using the service.

The Service provided to you is intended for reasonable, periodic, non-continuous use by a person using a
computing device, consistent with the type of use made by a typical individual consumer of our Internet
services. Examples of allowed uses of our Service include web surfing, sending and receiving email,
sending and receiving photographs, occasional on-line gaming, and the occasional non-continuous
streaming of videos and downloading of files. Examples of uses of our Service that are not permitted
include:Use of a proxy to disguise your identity or types of traffic. The continuous streaming, downloading
or uploading of videos or other files(peer to peer/bit-torrent); maintaining an unattended or continuous
uninterrupted connection to the Internet, such as through a web camera or machine to machine
connections that do not involve active participation by a person; or operating an Internet hosting service,
such as web hosting or gaming hosting. Our service is not intended to be a replacement for your
television service provider.