You may use the Contact Us link to request a site survey. At this time we
will come to your location and perform a survey and determine if sufficient
signal is available to provide you with RELIABLE high speed access. We
will contact you and advise you of antenna placement options and
schedule your installation. If you have any other questions they can be
answered at this time. Stated speeds are up to,and best effort for
residential plans and not available in all areas. Contact us for more info.
Basic:                    1   Mbps     $49.99/mo
 2   Mbps     $59.99/mo
 4   Mbps      $79.99/mo
mall business:  10  Mbps      $99.99/mo

Speeds are "up-to" and not available in all areas.

Standard Installation is $99.99 and consists of a small antenna mounted
to the outside of your home,connected to your computer or your
wireless router to accommodate multiple computers/laptops.Any
non-standard items(larger antennas,custom mounts and custom
cabling)are billable to customer at the time of installation and will be
discussed prior to beginning work.