How much is installation?  Standard installation is $99, due at the time of installation. Seasonal customers will be charged $199, due at installation.

Is there a contract? There is no annual contract.

What does standard installation include?

Standard installation of a small antenna, mounted to the outside of your home or business. A cable will be installed from the outdoor antenna, to the location where customer provided WiFi router is located. Attic/crawl space work, larger than normal antennas/mounts and customer equipment configuration beyond the WiFi router are not included. Any additional costs will be discussed before installation.

Who owns/maintains the equipment after it is installed?

The outdoor antenna/radio are, and shall, remain our property. Should our equipment need to be repaired/replaced, we will do this at no cost to you! Customer caused damage to the installation/equipment will be billable to customer.

What WiFi router do you recommend?

For most homes, we recommend the Netgear Nighthawk or Linksys/Cisco WiFi routers. As with most electronic items, you get what you pay for, so the lowest price unit may not give you the performance and reliability you want.

If you have a large home(more than 1500Sq. Ft.) the Google Nest home WiFi mesh system works well.

Why should I choose Great Lakes High Speed as my internet service provider?

Great Lakes High Speed is locally owned and operated and has a state-of-the-art network designed to give you around-the-clock internet access. To guarantee low prices and ease of service, we don’t require you to ‘bundle’ your internet service with extras you don’t need!

Is your service satellite internet?

No. We use terrestrial tower locations, which are thousands of miles closer than satellite, to provide signal to your home with less delay.

Is the Great Lakes High Speed network secure?

The Great Lakes wireless network employs the latest and most robust wireless encryption available with state-of-the-art equipment, and is constantly monitored.

Do you provide an e-mail address with your service?

E-mail is not a service that we provide. We suggest that you use a free e-mail provider such as GMail, iMail, or Yahoo.

Is my account information secure?

All credit card and banking information is processed securely by PayPal. You do not need to share financial information with us.

Great Lakes High Speed is a WISP. What is a WISP or Wireless Internet Service Provider?

WISPs use fixed wireless broadband technology to deliver similar high speed service as traditional broadband providers, but delivered wirelessly as opposed to through buried cables. Typically, a small antenna is placed on your home or office that receives a direct signal from a WISP tower nearby. Unlike technology used for cellular data, the wireless connection from your home “end point” and the tower allows for fast reliable service via a fixed wireless connection.

Do you offer an annual service option/discount?

Yes! If you would prefer to pay in advance for a year, you will receive 1 month free! (pay for 11, get 12). Prepaid services are non-refundable.