As always, local service, no taxes, or hidden fees.


Lite                     $49.99/mo

Up to 6+Mbps

Basic                  $59.99/mo

Up to 8+Mbps

Premium           $79.99/mo

Up to 12+Mbps

Professional     $99.99/mo

Up to 25+ Mbps

Speeds are best effort and “up to” and depend on chosen plan, quality of signal received at customers location and network conditions. Signal quality is determined at time of free site survey and upon customer request to upgrade monthly plan. Upload speeds depend on plan chosen and type of equipment installed at a particular location. “+” speeds often exceed package speeds. *Not all customer locations qualify for full Professional plan speeds.”+” speeds and Professional plan requires that you are in a location that is able to receive our LTE/5G network.

Need/want something even faster?  More options available very soon!!

Business/commercial primary and/or back-up connectivity services are available.

Please use contact form to provide us with details and we will work with you directly on a solution.